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Been Caught Leaving: Megan Moving To Liberal Website

Illustration for article titled Been Caught Leaving: Megan Moving To Liberal Website

What a way to end a week! I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but, as of next Friday, Megan Carpentier will no longer be working as an editor on Jezebel.


Megan, who has been working for Jezebel in some capacity since way back in 2007, has taken an exciting, full-time gig with Air America's website, where she will be working under the auspicious title of "News/Politics" editor. There will be more on this - much more, including toasts, tears and thinly-veiled tirades - as her tenure here winds down, but for now please give her your best wishes in the comments. She'll need them, because, on Monday, she is being forced to liveblog Rush Limbaugh's radio program as punishment for her disloyalty.

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Megan, your posts are filled with sensitivity, wit, intelligence and compassion. Plus Crappy Hour has been the highlight of my workday since its inception. You are amazing and I will miss you 'round these parts. Best of luck at your new position!