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BeeBee the Wheelchair Chihuahua Is Here to Alert You That Your Life Has Been Meaningless Up Until This Point

BeeBee the chihuahua was born without shoulders, which means her front legs are basically useless. But that doesn't stop her from being the #1 most hella-pumped animal in the history of cellular respiration, and wheelbarrowing around in her custom sports car bringing joy to all the land. VROOOOOM, BEEBEE! NEVER STOP VROOMING!


(Via Buzzfeed.)

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Ohh, my heart. BeeBee is amazing! I'm so glad that she has a mom who takes such good care of her. It's so great that she is able to bring joy to other people's lives too.

I have a kitty who has developmental problems with his back legs and I am working on finding him an alternative to scooting around. He does it fine on his own now, but I worry that in a few years it will become more difficult for him. He's the sweetest thing and I love him so much. I urge anyone who is able to consider adopting a special needs pet, they're so worth it and they give back 1000x what you give!