A curious young man is using his Twitter to promote "managed anorexia," which will "help girls all over the world know that to be skinny is to be perfect & to be fat is unacceptable." Is this guy for real?

Apparently so! Some choice tweets by the fellow, Kenneth Tong:

  • The beginning is always today. Managed anorexia is a lifestyle, not a diet.
  • Kenneth Tong: making self-concious girls even more demanding and critical, reminding them it's not okay to be fat and to be a plus size.
  • Promoting the future, managed anorexia is a lifestyle, skinniness is a dream I want all Girls to live. Size zero is perfection.
  • Hope my size zero & managed anorexia message gets global; thin people too busy being successful whilst the fat hate and just ate.
  • Beyonce & Kardashian are both acquired tastes. Curvy, yes, but for a Heffalump like you to comfort yourself by relating to them is criminal.
  • My Tweets must make fat people suicidal, truthfully, I should be your thinspiration, but we all know plus sizes can't think straight.
  • All you non size zero girls need to keep a food diary, noting everything you eat & drink - review it daily and see how imperfect you are.


Seems like sarcasm, right? It has to be ... right? Er ... ahh ... nope?!

"Assure you that my words aren't a publicity stunt. I wholeheartedly endorse managed anorexia, as to be fat or even not thin is to fail life," says Tong—a housemate during the 2009 season of Big Brother UK, and self-described "playboy" from Hong Kong. In addition to tweeting his pithy (pith-etic?) little comments, he also takes time out to congratulate size zeros for their "self-control" and promote the trial period for his shady-sounding "Size Zero Pill"—which you can try out for by sending him a picture, some reasons why you should be chosen, and an explanation of how it would change your life. (One possible change is that it might kill you, if fitness expert Lisa Johnson is correct. Becoming dead = change! You can't argue with that. Put that answer down in your trial run application.)

Simon Cowell, who received an invite from Tong to join the campaign, tweeted that "Twitter.com has a new village idiot.. In fact he doesn't even deserve the village. He's an idiot." But others are apparently greeting Tong's dieting philosophy with open, super-skinny arms. He claims to be receiving "a lot" of emails and Facebook messages from people telling him that "I am right, they are too fat, and size zero is a dream for them." He's also retweeted messages from women who are buying into the managed anorexia mindset, such as this one from Twitterer @OhGeeItsMolliee: "i just read your tweet: 'What's in your lips today is in your hips tomorrow.' it put me off my chocolate. thanks."


Gotta wonder what would possess this guy to promote something that will get him hated by tons of people all over the world. Maybe he is bored or lonely? Or maybe he just wants attention, and this was the best idea he could come up with. If the latter's true, he's succeeded: people are definitely talking!