Beckham Style: War Of The Poses

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[London, England; March 29. Image via Splash]

The most exciting/terrifying thing about the recent import of Brand Beckham to our fair country? Their fashion choices! Only, there seems to be a little case of split personality between the English and American media tastemakers regarding what we're to make of these (not so) reluctant "style icons". While Tuesday's Times of London screamed beware regarding Posh's Rocky Horror-meets-Moulin Rouge proclivity for hot pants, sequins and bustiers, on the other side of the pond, the Atlanta Journal Constitution was exhorting men to prepare themselves for manicures, diamond earrings, and tight, unbuttoned dress shirts, all the better to land a woman like "the coolly beautiful Victoria Beckham... a fashion icon herself." Oh irony, you taste so, so good.


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You know, minus the hair cut, I think she's really quite stunning, and the clothes, smashing. I was going to make a joke about how pigeon-toed and awkward her leg looks. Alas, it's just that her shoe is hungry and trying to nosh (I bet you wish you thought of a way to work in a word that rhymes with Posh, too) on her toes. It's a bit overwhelming, but I don't know how much street cred I have because a.) I do not like platforms and b.) I am not married to DB. Maybe I should default to this new American princess on this one.

That is all.