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It's time to stick a fork in sticking forks in things (as many of you have correctly noted, it sounds odd when giving our usual Friday birthday shout-out). So we're switching it up, starting with today's birthday girl, Colette.


She'd be a spry 128 years-old today. Raise a glass and have a hot lesbian affair in her honor. Or, if you're just going to watch Gigi, try to ignore that perhaps-creepy "Little Girls" song.

There, that's better. Have a great weekend!

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I just re-activated my OkCupid profile. Why? Frankly, my love life sucks.

In the "you should message me if..." section I was tempted to type "you know the differences between your/you're and their/there". Some of the messages I've received through OKC have had awful grammar, which is a major turn-off for me. I didn't type that, though, because I was worried it sounded bitchy.

But does that sound really bitchy?