Beauty Queen Doused With Pepper Spray, Says God Wanted Her to Win

The saboteurs who called in a bomb threat during the final day of the Puerto Rican Miss Universe competition totally stole their idea from the Sandra Bullock vehicle Miss Congeniality. And the beauty queens behind the bomb scare may have been same women who slathered pageant victor Ingrid Marie Rivera's gown and makeup with pepper spray! (Her competitors were probably hiding the spray in their enormous pageant up dos a la Amy Winehouse.) Though she was dreadfully uncomfortable and pretty splotchy, Rivera — who broke out in hives — persevered because she realized that Jesus had her back. "'Am I a masochist?'" she wondered. "But I said: 'I am with God and this is my goal, regardless of the results.'"


The other contestants, according to reports, were out to get Rivera from Day 1 because she had already won Miss World Caribbean 2005. (The haters said she was "too experienced" and should be disqualified. And after she won Puerto Rico's Miss Universe feeder pageant this weekend, her rivals said she bought the crown.) We are crossing our fingers that the CW's upcoming mother/daughter pageant showdown, Crowned has this kind of rampant psycho bitchery!

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