Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Shallow Millionaire Matchmaker

We recognize that Millionaire Matchmaker's Patti Stanger is doing her job when screening potential girlfriends for her male clients, but we can't get over how harsh she is to these women about their looks. Especially considering that she criticizes them on their hair, clothing and bodies, telling them that their lack of perfection in these areas is the reason they aren't married, when Patti herself is still a single gal (who happens to look horrific in the red satin pantsuit in her promo, not to mention having lips that look like hemorrhoids.) In the clip above, she picks girls for her next matchmaking party, extending invitations to some and insults to others.



I agree that if you're out there specifically trying to bag a "rich" guy, then you have to listen to some bitch rip you apart. I hate this show and supposed the rich guy is looking for women that are not models? There are men who find women that aren't models attractive last time I checked.

That being said I have curly hair, crap I have dreadlocks and I've dated some smart and rich men - not one had a problem with the hair not being straight.

Confessions of a Matchmaker is much better.