"Beauty Got Ugly" At Victoria's Secret Show 2009

The great challenge of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (besides that of standing up straight in the year's gazillion-dollar all-jewel bra model, the "diamond Harlequin fantasy bra") is how to fill an entire hour.

This year, in addition to Heidi Klum's vaguely menacing martial shouting, the procession of Angels in skivvies and the Black Eyed Peas' manic stylings, we were treated to, wait for it, a reality competition. Backed by a cityscape, dancers in what looked like those green-screen action suits or bellhop costumes, the contestants strutted their stuff alongside more seasoned bombshells like Alessandra Ambrosio, Heidi, and first-timer Chanel Iman. America also got to see them arrive at the obligatory New York group apartment, say arrogant stuff, then be alternately exhausted and bitchy at "Angel Boot Camp" while a horrible trainer called David Kirsch screamed, called himself "the ass master," and said by the end, they'd have been "Kirsched." Like the cherry liqueur?

Here, you can see just how right Chanel Iman was! It's for all women - even those of us who, like Heidi, really need to lose a few pounds.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009: Highlights - Reupload [YouTube]


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