Beauty Company Attacks Little Girl (And Other Beauty Companies) With Image Blitz

Following up on the success of its "Evolution" commercial, which showed how women in the media are made up, airbrushed and contoured to within an inch of their lives, beauty company Dove has just released a new spot, called Onslaught. The ad (or is it a call-to-arms?) begins with a close-up shot of an unsuspecting little girl and suddenly cuts to hundreds of advertising and media images depicting sexually objectified women, body parts, and suggestions of how to be "younger, firmer, thinner, softer." It's exquisitely horrifying; your eyes — and the poor girl's — are bombarded. The spot ends with the line, "Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does." Yeah, won't someone save her? Won't someone save us?!?!

Dove Pummels Young Girl With Sexual Imagery In 'Onslaught' [AdGabber via AdRants]
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Galaxy Girl

It's like the PSA ads they force tobacco companies to run. Except no one forced Dove to do this except their marketing department!

Well I suppose it's just good that a message like this is getting out there in general... I guess. I dunno. I need to see some statistics and reports about how ad imagery really does affect self-perception.

I think it really comes down to the Mom and how she views herself in front of her children. If daughter sees Mom fretting about weight or looks all the time, she is going to as well.

An of course beauty culture can affect Mom, if she lets it- but she can make a conscious decision not to pass it onto her children and do her beauty fretting and primping in private.

I'm proud that my mom never once complained about her looks (or mine) while I was growing up. :)