Beauty Comes Before Bravery for Target Girls

Pixar's upcoming movie, Brave, is the studio's first film with a female lead: Merida, a "skilled archer" who is "determined to carve her own path in life" even though she's a princess in an ancient Scottish Kingdom. Awesome, right? Target thinks so, too; the store already has a ton of Brave merchandise for little girls who want to look just like Merida.


But check out how they're marketing "Merida's Dress," modeled in Target's catalog by a strong-willed child wielding a bow and arrow: "Look pretty and be brave, too."

Are those few words of copy worth fretting over? Probably not; we believe in picking our battles with this stuff. But it's definitely worth pointing this out as a pretty good example of how marketers are unwilling — or perhaps just unsure how — to market to girls (and women) without promising them they'll look great.

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