Beauty Booty Scandal

Allure's entrepreneurial assistant beauty editor Molly Friedman got the ax for selling freebie beauty products on ebay. Having only been with Conde Nast for a year, the editorial assistant who'd recently been promoted to assistant editor, must not have gotten proper training on how to make extra cash from all that schwag without getting caught. According to the New York Post Friedman "was asking makeup companies to send her products that hadn't hit stores yet, and she was selling them on eBay instead of putting them in the magazine."

Silly girl made it too easy to get caught by hawking products that weren't in the market yet. She should have followed in the footsteps of countless other poorly paid junior editors and fattened her Commes des Garcon wallet by taking the products back to a store for cold, hard cash.
Friedman may be banned from Condé Nast for a while, but there's life beyond organizing the beauty closet and fetching coffee. Former beauty assistant at CN's Lucky Nadine Haobsh got canned from Ladies Home Journal for blogging about freebies and now she's working on a two-book deal


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