Beautiful High School Time-Lapse Allows You to Relive Your Teenage Years From a Safe Distance

"Photographic Journey: A Life at Blair" is a stunning time-lapse video by student Tolu Omokehinde, documenting a day in the life at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. Omokehinde, now a senior, created the video as a goodbye to his fellow classmates and has been working on the project since last November.


You rock, Tolu. Have a great summer. Keep in touch; don't change.

Montgomery Blair High School Time-Lapse Video Portrays A Day In The Life [HuffPo]


Damn, that looks like a fancy mall or city center. My little southern mill-town high school built in the '60s was cinderblock-moderne, one level, and poor as hell. Parking lot was full of beat-up pickup trucks with gun racks. Can't relate one bit to this... do the kids at this school know how great they have it?!

BUT—this video is lovely.