Beatrice Biira, the "Beatrice" of Beatrice's Goat, graduated from Connecticut College last weekend and is headed to the Clinton School of Public Service in Arkansas for her Master's degree before going back to Uganda to work for a non-profit. Beatrice's family's rise out of poverty was aided by Heifer International, which allows people like us to purchase livestock for families like Beatrice's. The goat Beatrice's family received served as a source of nutrition and income for her family, which allowed Beatrice to attend school, which led to scholarships and to her being the first person in her village to get a college degree from America. [NY Times, Heifer International]

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Love me some Heifer! At Christmas I always donate to charities for my family, because it fits with my worldview and my family doesn't need any more useless crap anyway. Plus, I get to pick the charities... for my extra-crazy fundie Christian sister, I donate to Americans United. Heh.

Hooray for Beatrice! When I get my daughter firmly off to college, the hubs and I want to ditch everything and go work for an NGO somewhere. Give something back. We're both lawyers and hope to do some good in the world. Bea is my new heroine!