Bearly There (Updated, With 100% More Actual Bears!)

This tiny polar bear cub will not eventually grow up to be 770 to 1,500 pounds—half that, if it's female (because it's not real). The wonders of nature Tatiana Scalozub!

Alas, this baby bear is not a living, breathing bear, but a hand-crafted one. Scalozub sells the pattern for people who want mini-bears just like it. Whoops.


If I were Sarah Palin I'd be able to tell fake polar bears from real ones. This is where her input could have helped. But check it out: baby polar bears are pretty damned small when they're born:

And here's another:


And another:


These cubs are about seven weeks old:


All pics (except for the top one) by the Associated Press—"America's most trustworthy source for baby polar bear photos."

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