Bea Arthur And Rock Hudson Gaily Sing About Drugs

Brace yourselves. Above is a clip in which Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson sing an up-tempo number all about drugs. "Sniff, swig, puff and all your cares are gone," the pair belt out on the 1979 Emmy-nominated Beatrice Arthur Special (which actually might have been the gayest event on television, as it also featured Wayland Flowers and his puppet Madame). The song, called "Ev'rybody Today Is Turning On," is from the late-'70s Broadway musical I Love My Wife — directed by Arthur's then-husband Gene Saks — that looks back on the days of yesteryear when people got high off the simple things in life, when "glue was pasted instead of sniffed." How tempted are you to now refer to getting high as "getting turned on"? You can watch the full clip here.

Sniff Swig Puff - Bea Arthur And Rock Hudson [YouTube]


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That clip ended at the right time. I was just calling out for death's sweet release.