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Be sure to check out the profile of the first true paparazzo, Ron Galella, from the Guardian. And don't forget the slideshow, which includes a snap of a young, pillow-lipped Angelina Jolie. Emily Nussbaum writes: "These days, Galella feels vindicated as an artist, a pioneer in a 'magic medium'. His prints are in MoMA, his books praised in the New York Times. He is a 'bandit of images', he says, quoting Fellini with the cheerful braggadocio he traces to his heritage." And you've gotta love the following great quote about voyeurism from Galella: "For me, it's the mystery. What's behind her clothes? What excites me is panty lines — and yet the women [today], they don't want no panty lines. To me, it's the sexiest thing." (This is a reprint of a New York Magazine piece; the original is more graphic! [Guardian, Guardian]


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Jamie Sommers

Holy cow, I didn't even recognize Steve McQueen in that photo.