Bathroom Ads Warn Against The Dangers Of Drunk Sluts

Thedrunk girl leaning up against the wall in the men's room with her legs open? She isn't a real girl, but a large sticker. It's an "ambient ad" (advertising that occurs in a non-standard medium) to warn against the dangers of drinking too much. The ambient ad was created for an anti-drunk driving organization called Arrive Alive, and while we think the intentions behind the campaign are benevolent, the execution is bullshit. First of all, why is that girl even in the men's room? And why does she look like she's posing for a Suicide Girls photo set? Is she supposed to be turning guys off from binge drinking or turning them on to date rape? Wait till you see the one for the ladies' room, after the jump.

OK, so here's the larger version of the ad for the men's room.


And this one's for the ladies.


So classy, how she's showing her G-string! It's all a little too reminiscent of the whole drunk-girls-from-Facebook thing. Right? Why was it necessary for the girl to be so sexualized for these ads? Was it supposed to further demonstrate her "bad character"? She drinks excessively and she's also a whore — clearly she's evil! Move over, sticker girl, I think I'm gonna vomit, too.

Puking Drunk Chicks Forced To Look At Puking Drunk Chick; Drunk Dude Forced To Try To Piss With A Hard-On. [Copyranter]


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