Last night's episode of Intervention revolved around a 23-year-old man named Skyler who, for the past seven months, has been addicted to bath salts—the legal, over-the-counter substance laced with the amphetamine mephedrone that gives a high similar to coke or meth. However, bath salts, which is a relatively new phenomenon in the drug world, causes hallucinations and paranoia that's seemingly unparalleled. The thing is, I can understand when people do drugs that make them laugh or dance or even knocks them out so they can avoid thinking about their problems, but bath salts just seems like it creates complete and utter misery. In the clip above, you can see Skyler dealing with hallucinations of "shadow people." He believes they talk to him and that he has to kill them with his own inventions, like the bag inside of a wine box taped to a flashlight. And when he isn't seeing shadow people he is seeing "piles" of dead bodies all over the place. It seems terrifying, and this episode might serve as the ultimate "don't do drugs" message.