Bartender Sets Customer On Fire

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Here's just one more reason never to get fancy when you're ordering a drink: You may find your entire face on fire.

Footage has emerged of a Lithuanian man being burned in the face after ordering a drink called 'The Flaming Lamborghini." That drink sounds dangerous to begin with (which is why I usually stick to the cool, refreshing taste of Bud Light), but it became even more dangerous when the bartender poured it from too great a distance, causing alcohol to splash all over the customer.


Even more terrifying? The video clearly shows the bartenders hopping right back to work after the poor man has been ignited. Oh my god, someone call the police or an ambulance! Something! Don't just go back to pouring.

Nothing is known about the injured man aside from the fact that he received horrible burns to his head and face. Honestly, this entire thing has given me an anxiety attack and I have to go lay down and plan how this will never happen to me now.


h/t: Uproxx

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Sally O'Broder

That you have referred to a Bud Light as "cool, refreshing" has now lost you all credibility, possibly forever.

I'm going to go over to Kitchenette to sulk now.