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Barry Coasts Through Another Debate Victory

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Today US Weekly began circulating this and other sensitive photos in a bid to have American supermarket tabloid readers believe Barry Hussein is just like US. And it appears to be working! Even (former) Ku Klux Klansman David Duke is not bothered by Barack Hussein, except, you know, the whole fact that he is a Jew puppet. Which may be why Hillary Clinton's attempts to have the American public believe that he hates Jews last night fell flat. (Or, actually, maybe it's because of that lame SNL reference.) That, the rape story and an in-depth discussion of whether North Korea is, in fact, the worst place in the world, with me and Glamocracy's Megan Carpentier after the jump.


MOE: Hey I'm sick AGAIN today. I had nightmares all night about how hellish it would be to actually wake up and do Crappy Hour. And in the nightmares Hillary Clinton kept reminding me of what Tina Fey had to say about the Obama campaign. "Don't you respect Tina Fey's opinion? Don't you side with the strong woman? And I had the chills and the sweats and finally relented and agreed to vote for her in Texas.

MEGAN: And I'll bet no one asked you if you wanted another pillow!
Also, I'm sorry you're still sick!
Apparently I'm already addicted to exclamation points!

MOE: Yeah you'd think my lifestyle habits were poor or something!

So did you watch?


MEGAN: Yes, but I caught the midnight replay. I left the house for the initial run and, like, actually talked to an actual human that I could actually see.
It was so annoying.

MOE: I did that too! But I am actually so sick I couldn't partake in the open bar. I actually didn't want to. I met the FUG girls who were having a book party. They're both Obama supporters!

MEGAN: Ooh, the Fug Girls! I'm so jealous! They seem like they're fun. Was Intern George there?
Also, I thought there was a requirement that women in California vote for Hillary?
OMG, did they just show this commercial in New York??

MOE: I know! I was surprised; they went with their First Lady instead of our old one. I do not know who this Intern George person is. But yes they were very nice and fun. I could barely hear them because I"m so congested.And they definitely did not show that commercial.

MEGAN: Someone actually contributed money to make and run commercials about the surveillance law! I guess us DC market people are just lucky.
(I meant on CNN)
Intern George is George Clooney.

MOE: They were totally playing one of those commercials with the songs that get stuck in your head even though you have no idea what the commercial is for; probably a life insurance company.
What's the terror surveillance bill?

MEGAN: That's the warrantless wiretapping bill, the one that Bush won't sign unless it contains retroactive immunity for telephone companies who illegally participated in it.
So Harry "Pussy" Reid passed the version Bush wanted and left it up to Nancy to tell Bush to shove it up his ass.
Which, for once, she did.


MOE: Ah yes.
I think Google knows a lot more about us than the government ever will.
The beauty of the private sector.

MEGAN: And now they have commercials, which apparently they only show in the DC market, buying cheap local cable time.

MOE: Remember when 9/11 happened? Two of those guys has been put on a terror watch list by the CIA because they had been recorded at an Al Qaeda meeting in Jakarta, and yet they entered LAX anyway. Those were the days.


MEGAN: Well, I mean, we're hoping those were the days, which is why we subject ourselves to shoeless security and redick small bottles of things. I am not convinced that it's not 90% luck.

MOE: Okay, so other things besides that boring debate happened last night. Am I right that this was the best part?

"I have been very clear in my denunciation" of Farrakhan's past anti-Semitic remarks, Obama said.
Clinton jumped in to note that, in her 2000 Senate campaign, she had gone to greater lengths to distance herself from people who had made anti-Semitic remarks. "There's a difference between denouncing and rejecting," Clinton said, implying that Obama had not gone far enough. "I just think we've got to be even stronger."


Awesome comment, by the way.
MEGAN: That was so fucking annoying. I was like, really? Really? The races in Texas will be won on the back of "denouncing isn't rejecting"?

6 minutes
MOE: Interestingly, Andrew Sullivan seems to think it was his worst moment. Anyway, we should probably discuss Sullivan for a bit because he's the one who alerted me to this Newsday piece about Hillary's defense of an accused rapist. And all the commenters were like "Andrew Sullivan hates women that's why he's spreading these lies" so whatever, let's just focus on the Newsday piece. One one hand, Hillary was being a public defender. On the other hand, she seems to have pulled falsehoods from her ass about the victim's — the 12-year-old victim's — history of crying wolf and seeking solace in the arms of older men etc. etc. What say you?


MEGAN: My first thought is: I don't think indigent defendants are normally allowed to make requests about the genders of their court appointed attorneys, and if I had more time I would call my ex the court-appointed criminal defense lawyer and ask. But I'll bet JD Regent knows.

MOE: It's also kind of odd; they talk to the victim, now 46, who is in prison (?) And she says she was raped, she had no history, but she figures Hillary was just doing her job. Also, she had not put two and two together.


MEGAN: My reading of the article says: not stable home life. Plus, being raped 30 years ago, stigma, etc. And she admits to having had sex with a 15 year old minutes before the old guy raped her.
Which didn't help anything.

MOE: Well, as a sixth grader the victim was in the position to get up around midnight, go get liquored up and then hang out at an all-night bowling alley for several hours. Most of us weren't in that position in sixth grade.


MEGAN: With a 15 year old, a 20 year old and a 40 year old. Yes. In the 6th grade I was watching Freddy movies and drinking Coke with my girlfriends during sleepovers. And Melanie, who had taken modeling classes, was teaching us make up and probably curling my hair.
I dunno, this is why my ex and I never talked about whether he defended any rapists. It's an adversarial system. It's required to provide a vigorous defense. It sounds like the prosecutor wimped out, though.

MOE: I think I still liked The Little Mermaid when I was twleve.
Yeah also: everyone seems to have died and a bunch of evidence was washed away in a flood.
It's kind of — heh — a wash

MEGAN: Except for the meth-addled lady. I hope she finds a job and goes back to counseling and shit.


MOE: Ugh, yeah, so the victim is now living in a halfway house after stealing a bunch of checks from her boss to buy drugs. She's fucked up and harbors Hillary no ill will. And neither do I, in this case, it's just a sad story about some dregs of society types. Okay, moving on, do we want to discuss how David Duke doesn't really have any issues with Obama? Does it mean Obama is not REALLY BLACK?

MEGAN: No! They just hate white people who support him more than they hate him! Ooooh, Moe, you're in trouble!
Oh, and it's the Jews' fault, naturally.
LOL, it basically all comes down to the fact that they hate Hillary SO MUCH they'd rather have a black President.
I'm wiping away a tear, now.


MOE: Hahaha I wonder why Obama didn't use the white supremacist angle in the little Farakkhan tussle last night:

[U]ltimately he's just another Jew puppet," concludes another Stormfront commenter. "I look at his foreign advisers," adds David Duke. "[They're] Israeli supremacists. He's even got Dennis Ross!"


MEGAN: Man, don't people get, like, sick of blaming the Jews for everything?

MOE: Hahahaha what if they did? A few years and they wouldn't have any issues to speak of. What's this Bill Cunningham shit by the way? Who fucking cares about this guy?


He goes on an anti-Obama rant in praise of McCain, McCain gives a speech saying, "uh, speak for yourself," and Cunningham joins the Coulter Clinton coalition. Jesus Christ.

MEGAN: Oh, that guy. Psycho.

I swear he got some spittle on the camera lens at the end there.
MOE: Oh man, this is an uplifting story.
MEGAN: Kids, don't post pictures of yourself in your undies on the internet and run for office.


MOE: Okay so I'm reading this story about the New York Philharmonic's visit to our favorite Stalinist dictatorship and it's reminding me that yesterday's Crappy Hour got like 600 comments. I was scared to figure out what that was about.
MEGAN: It wasn't about the relative merits of the national anthem or Gershwin, I can tell you that much.
MOE: Well the trip sounds pretty typically disturbing. Their combination of deeply impoverished and thoroughly brainwashed always got to me.

MEGAN: I mean, I think when you're that poor and that hungry, political rights are sort of secondary.


MOE: Ehhhh, there are political rights and freedoms and then there's, you know, basic freedom of thought and like, perception of reality and the presence of dynamism. Also it's so fucking cold. I'm thinking North Korea is probably the worst place in the world.

MEGAN: It definitely seems really miserable from over here. But maybe there are some places in Africa that are worse? I'm not sure better weather can make up for marauding machete-wielding mutilating mobs and rape squads and stuff — though, I guess that could be going on in North Korea and we wouldn't know.


MOE: That's true; I don't think they're into genital mutilation either. Maybe we should do a poll.

MEGAN: I hear the weather really does suck in North Korea, though.

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@SinisterRouge: i didn't watch the debate, but russert has been breaking my heart lately. yesterday (or maybe the day before?) the today show had russert do a piece on how hilary was going from sweet (previous debate) to angry to sarcastic, and russert was all "which hilary is going to show up at the next debate?" and i wanted to cry. and then the very next segment was Dee Dee Myers who wrote a book on public women— and she talked about how hard the media has been on hilary. and i don't think anyone there noticed the irony.

* yes, i know that's an incorrect use of irony. but it gets the point across.

** meet the press is my church on sunday mornings, and normally i love tim russert.