Five "bikini baristas" have been arrested in Washington after they allowed customers to grope them, for a fee. Detectives investigated the coffee stand for two months, during which they also saw baristas lick whipped cream off each other. •

• According to recently released statistics, Florida is where you wanna be if you're a divorcee. Three of the top 10 counties on the list of most divorced residents are located in Florida. However, the divorce capital of the U.S. is located in Indiana. • In the UK, 46% of children born in the first three months of 2009 were born out of wedlock. The percentage of unwed mothers has risen by over 20% since 1991, and is now at an all-time high. • Accused rapist Rolland Hill didn't want anyone in his Massachusetts town to hear about his charges (aggravated rape and child assault), so he went out Tuesday and attempted to buy as many copies of the local newspaper as he could, thus insuring that his story would make even bigger news, and eventually end up here. • Authorities have busted a dog-fighting ring in Chicago that was being run out of a suburban daycare facility. The Cook County Sheriff said that the children "were playing on a swing set just 10 feet away from a vicious fighting dog and blood-stained floors...To be engaged in this sort of activity is disturbing enough, but to take a chance with anybody's children is reprehensible." • Jaycee Dugard's lawyer has said that she will probably testify against Philip Garrido when the time comes. Dugard is currently in seclusion with her family. •