No, seriously: as I was scrolling through last night's images from the Jaeger Dinner at the Venice Film Festival, I was distinctly reminded of going to FAO Schwartz as a little girl and gazing longingly at the fancy Barbies behind glass, for all the world like Sara Crewe looking into the window of the bake shop in A Little Princess and staring hungrily at the hot buns...and not just because Diane "Helen of Troy" Krueger looks so Mattel-like either! There's a kind of pulled-together perfection to a lot of these looks that is somewhat unsettling...but still awesome. The Good, The Less Good, The Ugly - after the jump!

The Good:

I'm a sucker for 60's Grecian. Also for Barbie wedding gowns. Model Eva Riccobono does both beautifully.

If I had to rank my favorite things in the world, it would be Butter, People wearing glasses with evening gowns like Evelina Khromtchenko. No, I don't get the jewelry.


Actress Valentina Cervi: Depressingly elegant.


My hatred of purple warring with my love of 60s Grecian! Olympic fencing gold medalist Valentina Vezzali, why do you torment me so?

See, of its kind, Tatiana Voronova's look is absolute perfection. Would you want to wear it? Probably not. And yet...there's something so inescapably right about this magical confluence of sequins, cleavage and Barbie-like perfection!!!
The Less Good:


See, I'd like Diane Krueger's so much more if she'd left the skirt boringly straight-forward and just done Betty Draper in New Look.


Actress Eliana Miglio. Overall, the effect is still kinda pretty, but the small bits of fugly flair on the bodice are a deal-breaker.

I'm on the fence about awkward lengths. At the end of the day, though, there can't be any ambiguity as to whether it's intentional and I'm just not sure about actress Huang Yi.
Okay, Bad:


Well, at least this (un-ID'd) guest matches.

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