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Barbie Goes to Fashion Week

Illustration for article titled Barbie Goes to Fashion Week

Designer Jeremy Scott has announced that he plans to send a Barbie-inspired collection down the Paris Fashion Week runways this spring.


Scott's line is set to debut March 12th at Colette, and will be available to Americans in the middle of February. The iconic plastic doll is also having an entire fashion show dedicated to her in New York, which Jeremy Scott is contributing to. And! Mattel just announced their sponsorship of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. If the fashion trickle-down theory is correct, it looks like we will all be wearing hot pink dresses with matching heels next year. [Nylon]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

I was really hoping that My Little Pony's fashion line would catch on. You just walk around naked with a pretty sticker on the side of your ass. Sometimes on your face. And you dye your hair purple or green or pink.