Barbie Beats Bratz

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On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that Mattel is the legal owner of the wildly popular Bratz dolls, which are manufactured by Mattel's main rival, MGA Entertainment. The ruling comes from a previous ruling this year when a jury found that the Bratz creator, Carter Bryant, was working at Mattel under an exclusive contract when he came up with the idea for Bratz. MGA is a family-owned company that has based its empire on Bratz, and the new ruling could mean the end of the company. MGA plans to appeal the decision, which will not take effect until February 11, 2009. [LA Times]


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Mama Penguino

One of the worst threads I ever found myself in on this site was about Bratz (books, if you remember). I'm not going to defend them because they are really horrible. However, if Little P decides she wants one, I'll probably let her buy one (with allowance money). I know too many girls who end up worshiping and fetishizing that kind of crap because it's forbidden.

That said, is it really a good idea to teach your kids to say "ewww" and "that's trashy" about the dolls when they're going to have to learn to live with people who dress this way in real life? Wouldn't it be a better idea to teach our daughters to dress in a way we think is tasteful, but to not judge other girls who don't?