Barbara Walters Wants to Know How Tight Joan Rivers' Cooter Is

Barbara Walters was promoting her 20/20 special on plastic surgery—"The Cutting Edge" premiering on February 24—on both Good Morning America and The View today. (This means that she actually said, "Black don't crack" twice on air before 11 am EST.) Of course, if you're going to do a special on plastic surgery, then you have to include America's expert, Joan Rivers, who gave Babs the scoop on the latest cosmetic procedure, vaginal rejuvenation. Ever the professional journalist, Barbara asked the only follow-up question that mattered: "Have you had your vagina tightened?" Joan would've looked surprised if her facelifts hadn't already rendered that as her permanent expression.


Violet Baudelaire

I only wish this had been an Oprah interview, because I would have loved to have heard this as "Have you had your VAAAAGINAAAA TIGHTENED!!!!!!!"