Barbara Walters Gives Rush Limbaugh Hell For Sexist Remarks

Barbara Walters only did a measly 5 new interviews for her 10 Most Fascinating People special last night. She used footage from The View for Michael Phelps, footage from last year's special for Miley Cyrus, and footage from her recent 20/20 specials with Thomas Beatie and Barack Obama (this year's list topper). But the show was still worth the hour-long commitment, solely for the awesomeness during Babs' interview with conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. She was feisty and combative about his love for Sarah Palin and remarks about Hillary Clinton's age. When she asked him who the "real Rush Limbaugh" is his answer was,"I am the most unthreatening, tolerant, lovable guy you could ever meet." Clip above, and more after the jump.


Check out the futuristic, ceremonial blouse thing Babs was wearing last night. But better than that is her hair. They lit her all weird so that half of her blond hair was black, making her look like Cruella De Vil.

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Oh, thought seriously Barbara my dear are YOU someone who should be throwing stones about making millions in a time of recession. I understand you're referring more to his huge bonuses, but still... a little perspective.