Barbara Walters Brags About Notches On Her Bedpost On Ellen

Barbara Walters' book tour for her memoir Audition is chugging along quite nicely and today it made a stop on Ellen. Babs joked about the number of sex partners she's had — the subject of which has been one of the most talked about features of her book — and told Ellen that the hundreds of names printed inside the front and back of the book is actually a list of all the people she's banged. (It's really a list of all the people she's interviewed in her career.) Ellen then points to her own name and says, "It was gonna be in my book, but alright." Clip above.



@brendastarlet: Yes, I equate pimping the book and pimping the wedding when the end result if that each person benefits financially. Star might have been in poor taste, but she didn't have an affair with a married man and then expose his entire family to it - without their consent.

And Babs has done her lied about stuff too. That whole fiasco with Rosie comes to mind. (I should say that I think that what Star did was tacky. But Babs is just as tacky.)