Have you had enough of Barbara Walters today? No? Us either! B. Dubs usually will go to bat for many of the celebrities she's met or interviewed, including Paris Hilton, but she has a bone to pick with Paul McCartney's ex Heather Mills. According to Babs, there was a big difference in Mills' behavior between the first time she interviewed her (before she met McCartney) and the second time she interviewed her (after she and McCartney were together). Apparently, she was "difficult" and "not a nice woman," was picky about the temperature of her glass of water, and pretty much shat all over 20/20's producers. The best though, is that Babs said that when you marry someone like Paul McCartney, and he doesn't ask you for a pre-nup, "you should get up every day and say, you know, whatever." She's so fucking succinct, that woman!