Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007 aired last night, and the most fascinating person was J.K. Rowling โ€” but for some reason, Babs didn't land the interview. (Maybe it's because, as she said the other day, she's sick of doing celebrity interviews.) Instead, she and her producers simply used stock footage of the Harry Potter author. Some of the other people who made the list included Justin Timberlake, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Katherine Heigl, and Jennifer Hudson. Seriously, the whole special was camp gold. Above, watch as the MySpace dudes teach B. Dub how to create her own profile, Posh and Becks discuss how they met and how Posh doesn't really eat, and Don Imus admits he won't soften up (and then gives Babs rabbit ears without her knowing).