Anna told me she felt intellectually unprepared to write the introduction to this clip on which the ladies of The View interview the Kardashian sisters because she not really been "keeping up" (heh) with their careers. Disgraceful, yes, but it's not an uncommon problem: I just went to London, where Kim had just been on a visit, and no one could figure out why she was famous or what it was she and her sisters have done to warrant such wealth/celebrity/butt insurance premiums. Well, neither does Barbara Walters!! It's Khloe's birthday today, and Barbara seems mystified to learn they're actually getting paid to attend the party. "If the three of you show up to a party, how much do you have to pay?" she asked, "And what do you have to do with…the butt?" They all pretended not to hear the first question — even when she asked again! — but Kim responded to the follow-up with a totally sick demonstration of her patented party move. This, folks, is why she gets paid the big bucks.