Former First Lady Barbara Bush made an appearance on Fox News yesterday, and when she was asked about what she thought about the Mother Of Five Ann Romney Has Not Worked A Day In Her Life kerfluffle, she had some game-changing knowledge bombs to drop.

In a three sentence response to Megyn Kelly's question on the matter, Babs said it was good of CNN pundit Hilary Rosen to apologize for her Romney remarks, but that ultimately, this crap doesn't really matter. She said, "Forget it. Women who stay at home are wonderful. Women who go to work are wonderful. Whatever."

Whatever indeed, Madam. Whatever indeed.

Full disclosure: Even though she is half responsible for the production of my generation's least favorite President, I love Barbara Bush. That old broad is ice cold, and so over everything that she couldn't find a fuck to give if you told her where to look. She's like a caricature of a rich lady inside a Chanel suit inside a cocoon of protective air that vibrates with powerful yet-to-be deployed shame. She's a force of WASP-iness. I bet it would take her about a minute to make Ann Coulter cry.


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