Barack Obama's Pastor: More Hated Than The President?!

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  • Barack Obama has always been black, but since he was raised by a white mom in Hawaii and Jakarta he did not always have much in the way of a black community, and so when he moved to Chicago he started attending this black church where the pastor says the sort of hyperbolic shit pastors often say, only the media doesn't really cover the hyperbolic shit that gets said at black churches the way they cover the shit that gets said at white churches because black people aren't constantly trying to equate abortion with the Holocaust or replace the Constitution with the Ten Commandments, maybe because they just aren't as bossy as white religious people because they've never been in a position of societal dominance, which is actually something of which they are both aware and not exactly stoked about, and when you are a preacher you kinda play to that. So, like, Obama is going to try and address all of this in a speech tomorrow night. [CNN]
  • And good luck Barry: your pastor's approval rating roughly on par with Al Qaeda's. [Rasmussen]
  • But the church people love him! [ABC News]
  • A leading pimp says Eliot Spitzer must have been a sex addict if he had to pay for any of his sex. [NY Mag]
  • Nancy Pelosi hearts Obama anyway. [NY Observer]
  • Maybe she has sex dreams about him? [Slate]
  • "Roger Magro thought his wife Crystal was 'full of baloney' when she told him she and her co-workers had purchased a Powerball ticket worth more than $276 million...Magro said his wife plans to continue working in the tax office, but he resigned Monday from his job as a sheriff's deputy." [Pittsburgh Channel]
  • Was a Republican DOJ conspiracy behind the Spitzer sting? Probably. Does that make the scandal any less fun? Hard to say.
  • You know what? I am so happy the market rewarded JP Morgan with a huge stock market gain today for its courageous decision to buy Bear Stearns for $2 a share in an unprecedented transaction practically guaranteed by the government to make them shitloads of money. Yes, that is what the financial sector needed today. All that and the Dow rose twenty points. [WSJ]



@Political Party Girl said: can still be close with someone and still disagree with them. That includes your pastor. That includes former female VP candidates.

Exactly. Hopefully tomorrow's speech will help quell some of the venom, but this whole parsing of every little utterance, demonization and the amplification of things that someone sorta-kinda affiliated may have said has been getting way out of hand.

Oh, and though I realize that most people who are used to recent elections, when the media annoints a candidate after only a couple of states have voted might disagree, but this protracted primary battle is apparently going to force Obama to address the issue of his preacher-friend, while we're still on the relatively friendly turf of the Democratic primaries.

According to media reports, they sell videos of Rev. Wright's sermons in the church giftshop, on their website or somewhere. I'm sure some Republican 527s have been dissecting every tape available, so though you may disagree: ABC News did us a service.