Barack Obama Was Also a Bully, Shriek Conservative Pundits Who Didn't Care Until Yesterday

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In President Obama's book, Dreams from my Father, he recounts a playground incident when he shoved a little girl named Coretta. This is exactly the same as that time Mitt Romney held down a gay kid and cutting his hair off and then saying you don't remember it but also apologizing, according to Sean Hannity. Do you ever get embarrassed when someone makes a false equivalency so bad it's almost offensive to the idea of comparison?

Lest we forget that it's election season and bullshit levels from both sides have been turned all the way up to 11, yesterday's kind of bombshell in its horribleness story of Mitt Romney's history of being a ruffian who couldn't be bothered to pick on someone his own size has been met by backlash from Team Romney, who says that President Obama's youth was characterized by girl-shoving. He even admitted it! In a book!

This "HE DID IT FIRST!" strategy seems to be the dominating narrative from Romney's defenders. They deployed it when Obama alleged that Republicans were fighting a war on women ("NO! You are!"), in response to jabs about Romney's callous dickishness in putting the family dog on top of the car before a drive to Canada ("President Obama eats dogs! He says in his book!"), and now in response to this bullying thing ("BUT HE IS WORSE HE DID IT TO A GIRL! WAR ON WOMEN!"). I hope that eventually, they come up with a response that makes Mitt Romney look like a gracious, cool guy instead of a whiney toddler.



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Romney's bullying isn't a past-tense thing, though. Romney's been a bully for a long time since he chopped that kid's hair off 'cause he thought he was gay.