Barack Obama Tries His Hand At Telemarketing

Barack Obama was on The Daily Show last night, and Jon Stewart managed to make an actually funny joke about the way the primary campaign has dragged on wayyyy too long for anyone to feel capable of joking about anymore. Then he tested Obama's ability to "hope up" simple common phrases, and let's just say that if telemarketers got their training from this guy we'd have a National "Do Call" List. The only missed opportunity was not asking him to try out, "I'm not aware of too many things, I know what I know if you know what I mean." Clip above.

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@Ilikenoise loves Russell Brand and Matt Morgan:

Because they aren't equivalent roles, for one! The president is more like a mutant half-queen/half-prime minister but with no legislative powers.

The Speaker of the House is chosen by his or her party to lead and in that way, the role is more like your Prime Minister (but with no executive powers).

Also? Because that would be *LAME.*