Barack Obama States The Obvious

  • Barack Obama reminded everyone that Iran is not the Soviet Union. I haven't bothered watching the whole speech but I know from the left-leaning blogs that he pointed out that the Soviet Union had thousands of nukes and Iran has none and yet the Soviet Union and the U.S. managed to avert nuclear holocaust that one time Dana Perino forgot about, and I know from the Zionists he said some maybe unfortunate things that do not reflect the acknowledgment that, you know, the only problem with that whole thing is the line of argument whereby some of those weapons are still around but the Soviet Union is not, and if you make vacuum cleaners or dog food you might really hate Wal-Mart but at least they pay you on time. [NYT]
  • "They say in the stock market, 'Buy into a business that's doing so well an idiot could run it, because sooner or later, one will..." Warren Buffett on preferring Obama over McCain. [Breitbart]
  • Terribly sexist? Don't get me wrong, Geraldine, I heart hyperbole, but... [NYT]
  • Hey Kosher Hooters!! [Weekly Standard]
  • America's nicest ex-Klansman just endorsed Obama. Does this mean he was part of the 28% of his state that voted for the black in the primary? Unclear. He says he's into Obama for his Christianity... which the right wing blogosphere gets idiotically "secular liberal hypocrisy watch" about to which we can only say "Oh jesus christ." [Wonkette]
  • Bill Kristol is bad at Google. [Wonkette]

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