Barack Obama May Be "Inevitable", But He Didn't Learn That From His BlackBerry

Illustration for article titled Barack Obama May Be Inevitable, But He Didnt Learn That From His BlackBerry
  • Puppies! [NYT]
  • Unexplained national BlackBerry shutdown began at 3:30 p.m. I'd take it as a sign from God, but those fuckin' iPhones are still working. [WSJ]
  • Obama officially pulled ahead of Clinton, delegate wise, even counting the "superdelegates," after winning in Maine. [CBS News]
  • Oooooh, and look who's inevitable now!!! [NY Times]
  • No really, DRUDGE EXCLUSIVE inevitable... [Drudge]
  • And now that pretty much every state where The Nation is read has held a primary, it's pulling for Obama too. [CBS News]
  • Paul Krugman finds something Nixonian about all this Obama love but fuck if he's going to tell you exactly what it is. [NYT]
  • If China keeps up this stealing our military secrets thing maybe one day they will learn how to wage their own futile trillion dollar wars on oil-producing countries. But wait, who will they borrow money from to do all that? [Washington Post]
  • Hey, did you know? Living in a roomy suburban single family home on a sizeable plot of land with a car and a lawn mower is actually a less environmentally-friendly lifestyle the kind you'd have if you moved into my apartment, took the subway to work and never even recycled. [New York Times]
  • Chelsea dines with the 21-year-old superdelegate. [ABC News]
  • The Game was sentenced to 60 days for pulling a gun on someone at a pickup basketball game. (Guy, what part of "just a game" don't you...) [LA Times]
  • Thank the deities there is hope for scripted TV after all. [Wash Post]

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Interesting bit from today's WaPo:

"Yet there is another world in Democratic politics, a practical, mostly middle-aged and middle-class world that is immune to fervor and electricity. It is made up of people with long memories who are skeptical of fads and like their candidates tough, detail-oriented and — to use a word Obama regularly mocks — seasoned.

These are the Hillary people, and they gathered in Manassas last weekend in significant numbers at the Grace E. Metz Middle School, cozy schools being a preferred venue for a Clinton campaign aware that mammoth rallies are normally beyond its reach.

She does not lack for loyalists. Paulie Abeles of Derwood, Md., held aloft a hand-printed sign that did not mince words: "Talk Is Cheap. Mistakes Are Expensive."

Abeles explained that people who are being "swept along by the eloquence of Barack Obama's speeches" forget that at one time, George W. Bush was seen as "charming" and "inspirational." And electability was on her mind. If President Bush raised the terror alert level four days before the election ("I happen to be very cynical," she averred), the Democrats would want their most experienced candidate confronting McCain.

Clinton spoke directly to her audience's skepticism of good talkers — ironic in light of her husband's oratorical gifts. "You're so specific," she quoted people as telling her. "Why don't you just come and . . . give us one of those great rhetorical flourishes and get everybody all whooped up?" The crowd actually whooped at that. But eloquence, she said, is not the point, since the election "is not about me, it's about us."

If Obama is passion, Clinton is bread and butter. If she needs more flourishes, he could afford to traffic a bit more in the staples."

And i want to be clear - I don't begrudge anyone their choice of nominee. But the hate that comes from the Obamaphiles to the HIllary supporters is unneccesary and unhelpful, and for the first time yesterday I really thought, I don't know if I can vote for Obama. And that was a scary thought.