Hillary Clinton may have a serious edge over Barack Obama with female voters, but from the looks of this video that won't be for long! After the jump, Moe and Dash of Jezebel's pervy brother site Fleshbot discuss Obama's pull (heh heh) with the elusive SAF (stands for "Single Anxious Female") demographic... over the infectious grooves of such inspired lyrics as "You speak the truth unlike the right/ you can barack me tonight"...

moemoe: dude
moemoe: I think that girl could be representative of a new sort of psychographic
moemoe: I mean, there were Soccer Moms, Nascar Dads, "security" moms (yeah barf), and now there are supposedly Single Anxious Females
moemoe: It's new psychographic pollsters are targeting
moemoe: I think they are anxious
moemoe: because maybe the webcam business
moemoe: isn't pulling in the same $$ it used to maybe
moemoe: apparently it's the new soccer mom/nascar dad
moemoe: "you're into border security/let's put this border between you and me"
Dash: interesting, if true
moemoe: she's worried about the foreigners taking her slut jobs!
Dash: well, a lot ofl the best young starlets come from Hungary these days
Dash: so they are right to be worried
moemoe: right and all the models are from estonia and shit! also, paypal.
moemoe: oh my god, speaking of, that site you always link to... Kindgirls?
moemoe: all their names are like, i dunno, "venzenckia" and that shit
Dash: yeah
Dash: the old soviet bloc is very hot right now
moemoe: Politically, who is the industry supporting right now?
Dash: well, they generally lean left
Dash: because the right, you know ... wants them all in prison
Dash: but Savana Samson did endorse Rudy
Dash: of course, she's ridiculously rich now and most people drift that way once they realize how much they're paying in taxes
moemoe: so here is a question, straight outta Tom Friedman's The World Is Flat... how did Savana do it.
moemoe: how did she make herself "untouchable"
moemoe: with so many sluts out there,
moemoe: what was her differentiating factor?
moemoe: (i have a feeling it did not involve being actually, you know, untouchable)
Dash: i'm not really sure what makes a pornstar into a PORNSTAR
Dash: she had one advantage in the Howard Stern made her sorta famous before she ever starred in a movie
Dash: but that was years ago, and she's on top. it's a different world now.
Dash: you're right that you have to be the exact opposite of untouchable
Dash: you have to put yourself any where you can
Dash: endorse any product, appear at any trade show
Dash: or just refuse to do anal
Dash: that builds "mystery"
moemoe: oh really?
moemoe: good to know
moemoe: i mean, from a professional standpoint.
moemoe: hah
Dash: eventually, you'll have to do it
Dash: but that's when you cash in, big time
Dash: i'm interested in the "single anxious females" though
Dash: it sounds like a great title for a new series
Dash: why ARE they so anxious?
Dash: see, in the porn version, it's obviously because they're horny
moemoe: well you know why the vibrator was invented...

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