Barack Obama Is Secretly A Raging Sexist

In a mostly hilarious mash-up of President Obama's remarks last week during an interview about women in America, Conan O'Brien reveals that the president is every bit the sexist PUMAs always claimed he was!

For the record, I gave Obama as much shit as anyone during the primaries for framing some statements in thoughtlessly sexist terms and being wishy-washy about reproductive rights, among other things. And I can't help wondering whether the domestic violence joke here would have made the cut if Conan had any women on his writing staff. But still, sometimes even a professional humorless feminist needs a break from overanalyzing everything. "The men have a strategy formulated and girls need to shop for clothes, period" is just plain funny.




I did enjoy this clip, although I found it amusing/ironic that Conan would even joke about the White House situation when his own writing staff is such a blatant boys' club. Conan doesn't even have any damn women in his skits (except the one chick in the "Conando" sketches, and she doesn't have a great role). Ugh, so disappointing. #conanobamamashup