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Ever wonder what it was like to wake up next to America's chainsmoking, coke-sniffing trillion-dollar tax increase advocating biracial Indonesia-reared predicted winner of the Iowa caucus? Well you knew he was "stinky", you knew he was "snore-y", and now you know this: he probably has a throbbing boner! That is, if loyal commenter Metropolitan is to be believed. Loyal commenter "Metropolitan" claims to have read a full transcript of Rebecca Traister's "Too Hot for Salon" interview with Michelle Obama, and claims it included a comment about Barack's "morning wood." We know, we know, it's just hearsay, but something about it sounds credible.
UPDATE: Traister maintains "Metropolitan"'s comment was a joke and wanted us to point out that this post is based on absolutely nothing save the idle fantasies of its writer.
UPDATE PART DEUX: "Metropolitan" emailed to confirm he had not, in fact, seen Traister's transcript and that yes, it was a joke. A good one!


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