Barack Obama Alienates Typical White Person Population

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  • Barry called his grandma a "typical white person" on WIP, a highly erudite Philadelphia AM radio station, and now typical white people everywhere are left to ponder this. [Wonkette]
  • Scooter Libby was disbarred. it probably could have happened to a nicer guy, but not one who had written so explicitly about dog fucking! [Wash Post]
  • "You're acting like it's our fault, and it's not." That's JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to Bear Stearns shareholders. Such a mensch. [NY Mag]
  • Tibet's whole "independence" idea is catching on with Taiwan just in time to affect their elections. (Wait a second, if Taiwan has its own elections, does it really need independence?) Sigh. [NYT]
  • A radio interviewer asked Dick Cheney about his dead-bottoming in opinion polls, the squandering of a trillion dollars and the loss of 600,000 or so lives, and Dick Cheney was all like, "So?" No SRSLY. [Wash Post]
  • New word alert! "Seduceries." As in, the "Air Jordan of seduceries." [NYT]
  • Ugh, Barry and Hillary, if it's not some shit that happened five years ago, it's shit that happened fifteen years ago, and frankly, we are sick. Of this shit. [MSNBC]
  • Jennifer Lopez never wore that eighteen-tier Vera Wang gown she ordered to marry Ben Affleck but I'm sure it will go into a museum one day because she is such a very important historical figure. [US Weekly]
  • Steve-O blames his alcoholism on the fact that his parents put liquor on his pacifier when he cried on planes as a baby. And so do I. [Us Magazine]
  • You know? I am all for regulating the shit out of Wall Street. But if John McCain can't keep Iran and Al Qaeda straight and that is his fucking area of expertise I can't say I'm exactly confident in the ability of career legislators to grasp this shit, and creating a whole new regulatory body when the SEC is underfunded as it is seems a little silly. But hey, whatever, go for it Barney Frank. [Politico]
  • No do-over in Michigan. [NYT]



@Kilotwat: Perhaps the real measure of the next President will be whether they'd pre-emptively pardon Bush/Cheney from criminal prosecution. I don't know that they'll ever get tried for anything and because they didn't pardon Bill, I can guess which way Hillary would lean, but I rally don't know how McCain or Obama would come down and quite frankly, I'm not sure whether I'd really like to know.