Bankrupt Betsey Johnson Is Now In Liquidation

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Betsey Johnson has entered the liquidation phase of its bankruptcy. Because most of the chain's stores are slated for closure, in addition to cut-price clothing and accessories, people will be able to buy store fixtures like couches and clothing racks. So if you've been meaning to pick up a pink leopard-print ottoman, now might be your moment. [Reuters]


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On his British Vogue blog, David Gandy posted these out-takes from a recent Lucky Jeans campaign shoot and said he was "admitting defeat." "I have been outshone by a goose!" He also addressed his recent interview with British Men's Health, in which he was quoted as saying that he knew he wasn't very clever ("I wouldn't be doing this job if I could be a vet"), that he didn't think of himself as handsome, and generally sounding sort of down about life. Apparently the British press thought this was false modesty, and harped on the model for his "ego."

A couple of things I said were misconstrued when used by some of the newspapers in the UK which was disappointing. I explained in the interview that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, interior design, car restorations etc, and said that ex-girlfriends had sometimes found that difficult. I went on to point out the various other imperfections I think I have! I'm not sure why, but that was then reported that I think that I am perfect — I was actually saying the opposite. Still I learnt from that, and maybe this is why some people in the public eye hold back which, in the long run, is a shame for the reader. However, as monty python states "always look on the bright side of life". Thanks to everyone who read the article and saw and commented on how different that was to what was reported.

[Vogue UK]

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Stylelist trawled Etsy for the weirdest Kate Moss fan-art it could find. There are Kate Moss light switch plates, you guys. [Stylelist]

Arizona Muse stars in this video made in honor of her i-D cover. She's reading from The Outcast of Poker Flat by Francis Bret Harte, which makes as much sense as anything in this world, we suppose. [Fashionista]


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Here is Sasha Pivovarova, pregnant. [Fashionologie]

  • Nina Dobrev had to be cut out of and re-sewn into her Met Ball dress when she needed to pee. "They had to literally sew me into it, so that everything fit perfectly. And it was great, it was beautiful, but…At a certain point, you gotta go. I tried to hold it in for so long," she told Conan O'Brien. "They said when the time comes, call the designer. They have an emergency sewing kit, they cut you out of it, and then they'll sew you back in. At some point, you write into your phone, ‘It's go time. Now.'" [Elle]

    Marc Jacobs' black see-through lace Met Ball dress was Comme des Garçons. But it's sold out everywhere in New York City. [DFR]

    Gwyneth Paltrow is going to be the face of Hugo Boss's new women's perfume, Boss Black. [WWD]

    Cathy Horyn asked Diega Della Valle about the rumor that John Galliano is a frontrunner in the search for a new Schiaparelli designer. (Schiaparelli is in the process of resuscitation, but has no creative director as of yet.) W editor Stefano Tonchi endorsed the disgraced designer, though he also hinted that he knew Galliano wouldn't get the job (because he knows whom Della Valle hired): "Very soon they will make the announcement, so I already know a little bit too much. But I thought that it could be fun to have John back doing it — as in, Galliano. But you know, that's too much of a risky proposition probably. At least for America." Yes, hiring a notorious drug addict given to white-supremacist tirades ("I love Hitler! People like you would be dead") might seem like quite the daring choice! Horyn reports:

    Asked if he might consider John Galliano, Mr. Della Valle pulled a good poker face. There have been rumors, he said: "One week it's Galliano, the next it's someone else." He expects to hire someone by September.

    [On The Runway, FT]

    American Apparel lost a comparatively modest $7.9 million during the quarter just ended. One year ago, the troubled company lost $20.7 million. Same-store sales rose a healthy 14%. American Apparel's debt load remains a source of concern: it currently owes, and is paying usurious interest rates on thanks to missed performance targets, $116 million to Lion Capital and $80 million to new lender Crystal Financial. [WWD]

    The clothing chain C&A has started a promotion in Brazil that involves clothing hangers with embedded displays like the face on a digital watch. The number shown reflects the number of Facebook "likes" that item of clothing has. Does it really matter to shoppers that their choices be validated by thousands of strangers? [Mashable]

    The anonymous blogger behind Fuck Yeah Menswear has been identified — and it was a twosome. Lawrence Schlossman, an editor at Complex, and Kevin Burrows, a Dreamworks employee, will be coming out with a book this fall. [NYObs]

    In other anonyblogger news, Suri's Burn Book is not written by Suri. It's by some 25-year-old in D.C. named Allie Hagan. [Refinery29]

    Indian Vogue is launching a Fashion Fund program to foster emerging local designers. [FT]

    And now, a moment with plus-size-model-turned-agent Katie Halchishick. She founded an agency called Natural Model Management that focuses on representing models of all sizes and ethnicities, because she found in her work as a plus-size model that the lack of jobs for models who are neither straight- nor plus-size (i.e. everyone in the size 2-14 range) created pressure on some models to either starve themselves or over-eat. Katie, why is it time to end the war on women's bodies?

    "We haven't seen it in so long, we don't even know what a 'normal' girl looks like. And if we do show someone who's, say, a 16, and everyone says 'She's not even plus-size!', then that's just more of that war on women. It's time to end the war."




I'll try and keep everyone updated on the discount levels and when they will be changing once the liquidation sale (my company is 50% of the liquidation team) is in full swing. Pretty sure today is Day 1 and the discount is at 20% on the full store.

ETA - My boss got to "meet" Betsey yesterday, he said he only saw her for a second and they barely spoke but she was "tiny and loud."