Savvy readers know that the phrase "ethical scandal" usually actually means "sex scandal" when a high-profile woman in corporate America is involved (ahem, CNBC Money Honey Maria Bartiromo, Wal-Mart ho Julie Roehm.) So as you can imagine, we scoured the stories on the strange departure of CBS Marketwatch columnist and Silicon Valley socialite Bambi Francisco for the libertarian arms of venture capitalist and Thank You For Smoking co-producer Peter Thiel for SOME mention of sex. And came up ...

Completely blank! Are you fucking kidding us? Her name is Bambi Francisco, she looks like the subtly kinky bookworm older sister of Tila Tequila, her "investor" wrote a book dissing the pursit of diversity at Stanford (translation: he has an Asian fetish!) and there is no sex involved? Why the fuck are you writing about it? More Bartiromo-esque innuendo, please. Get to work, Valleywag!

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