Badvertising: Get The Same Car The Sparkle Vamp Drives

Thanks, AdWeek, for alerting me to the marketing campaign which broke my brain. Seriously. Twilight CARS?

Volvo just launched Because nothing says says "vampire" like a shiny Swedish "crossover" vehicle. (Watch out! The dramatic violin music on that website might… put you to sleep.)


Writes AdWeek's Kenneth Hein:

"Presumably with Twilight being a tween girl franchise, they are hoping that the message might be picked up by moms to use the Volvo to take their adolescent little vampires to soccer practice," said Lucian James of the brand strategy consultancy Agenda.

Wow, that sounds… absolutely ridiculous! Here's how they're tying together Edward Cullen's creepy obsessive need to take care of Bella with a $34,000 hatchback:

There's more to life than a Volvo. There's having the power to keep safe what you hold most dear.



Just like there are 7 vampires better than Edward Cullen, there are at least two spooky cars better than his dumb Volvo:


The Munsters' car.


The Addams Family car.

Because just like Edward, a the Volvo XC60 doesn't have any bite.

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