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Illustration for article titled Badvertising

Dodai here. You guys, the "Saved By Zero" Toyota commercial has eaten my brain. Whenever it comes on, I helplessly sing along. I hate the song, but I'm powerless against it! And it is useless to resist. Time magazine interviewed Dan Sarles, a recent business school graduate who is, according to the mag, "among a growing legion of viewers" who have complained about the ad on the Web. Sarles says: "It's right at that border, where it's catchy enough that it gets stuck in your head, but not good enough that you like it." For the uninitiated — or the masochistic — the commercial is embedded behind the jump. Saved by zero! [Time]

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Any Bostonians? 1-800-54-GIANT . . .who do you call when your windsheild's busted?