Badass Maryland Governor Politely Tells Mitt Romney To STFU

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Today, Mitt Romney is Romneying all over Maryland, probably doing awkward things like complimenting people on their oversized lava lamps, saying "y'all" and "cheesy grits," and suggesting that poor people should pay more for basic health care so that rich people can enjoy their constitutionally guaranteed yachts. But at least one Marylander wanted Romney to know that his policies regarding women's health aren't so welcome 'round these parts: the state's governor, Martin O'Malley.

O'Malley, a Democrat, tweeted a welcome message to the GOP Presidential hopeful earlier today, telling him that he's welcome to enjoy the state, but that in Maryland, women enjoy wide access to health care. So if he's got any big ideas about enlisting his sons to help him break into a women's hospital and steal all the speculums and mammogram machines, he's got another thing coming.

Governor O'Malley, former longtime mayor of Baltimore and President of the Democratic Governor's Association, has been on many political nerds' short lists for a possible run for the Presidency in 2016. While a lot can happen between now and then (Remember in early 2004 when everyone was all, "OMG John Edwards is so amazing!" and then he turned out to be in the process of impregnating Rielle Hunter behind the back of his cancer-stricken wife and then he said that he wanted to marry her on a rooftop in New York City while the Dave Matthews Band played in the background, aka the complete opposite of amazing?), if O'Malley does end up continuing to raise his national profile, here's hoping we see more Twitter sass in the future.



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So proud of my adopted governor lately— especially compared to the governor of my home state (NJ). O'Malley's so charismatic and personable, and he's been a longtime Clinton ally, so I can definitely see him making a run in 2016. I saw him speak at a Kerry/Edwards rally when he was the mayor, and then saw his band play on St. Patrick's Day right before he ran for governor. I remember this one guy near me in the crowd just kept saying to his buddy "Dude! The mayor is JACKED!" because he likes to wear cut-off t-shirts when he plays. He's charming, attractive, and unabashedly liberal— he's my governor crush.