Badass Bride and Groom Totally Unfazed by Ruinous Acts of God

Right before Caleb and Candra Pence's outdoor Kansas wedding was set to begin, an ominous wall cloud formed on the horizon. During the ceremony, a tornado snaked toward the ground. But rather than interrupting their nuptials, retreating to the basement, and playing mildewed board games by candlelight for the next hour, the couple gave no fucks, and proceed as planned. This is Kansas, motherfuckers. Tornados aren't shit.

The bull rider and barrel racer followed the ceremony by posing calmly in front of the natural disaster occurring several miles behind them, and then riding horses to the reception site. A torrent of rain followed almost immediately after everyone was safely inside.

If anyone was worried that perhaps the Pence couple had smiled while children were being flung around and humans impaled by flying garden implements several miles away, relax — the storms occurred in a remote enough area that no people were hurt.


And with that, the Pences have earned the right to forever scoff at people complaining about bad weather.

Mazel tov, you crazy kids.


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