Badass 1930s Lady Writes a Poem to the Pope to Tell Him What's Up

These days, we can blog and tweet when we're pissed about the patriarchy. But back in 1937, Florence O'Donnell Maher couldn't use social media to vent about how angry she was at the Pope for telling women not to use birth control. So she wrote him an amazing poem. "She had 10 children so she knew what was up," adds her great-granddaughter.


Here are some of the best lines:

"What does he know of childbirth? Has he labored again and again?"

"If motherhood makes us potbellied and haggard and wan as a witch, would he give us a facial, or tell us to live the life of a bitch?"

"Mothers and fathers might feed one or two/but try to feed ten on one pound of stew."

That's real talk.

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