Bad Online Date On Your Horizon? Fake Your Own Death Like This Woman

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Valentine's day is coming, so The Mirror's been running user-submitted tales of love gone wrong. One woman, however, has just raised the bar so high that you're going to have scramble quickly to try to top her. If you want to top her, that is. Because she doesn't come off that great either.


According to Death and Taxes, the woman, Anna Gray of Somerset, England, went on several dates with a dude she was okay with, but not really into. And when she tried to break off their lukewarm relationship, he decided that he wasn't going to accept it. What's a person to do when something like this happens? You could either institute radio silence and just let the entire thing go (you've said no and you only need to say it once) OR you pretend to be your own sister, send the rejected suitor several texts stating that the object of his affection is ill and then just let him know she died when he comes to visit.

On one hand, anything to get rid of a clinger. Sometimes they can be dangerous. And sometimes they can just be clueless. This guy sounds like he was in the latter camp, had seen way too romantic comedies about "getting the girl" and just wasn't going to give up. But how can one be certain? Anna could, of course, have called the police when the man said he was going to stop by without an invitation, but, I guess, in the moment, she thought telling him she was dead would be the better solution.

Here are the alleged texts, via Death and Taxes:

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Cold, but according to The Mirror, it got the guy to stop bothering her. Perhaps it's because he really believed that Anna was dead or perhaps it's because he figured she was faking it and couldn't handle the embarrassment of that type of rejection.

Gray, who says she's now in a committed relationship, did run into the man she spurned once more. Fortunately it wasn't in person. He ran across one of the new profiles Gray placed on the internet after her death and gave her an "earful" for either being dishonest or coming back from the grave and not telling him. Fair, Gray says.


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Turning down guys who can't take no for an answer on online dating is seriously the hardest thing (and usually ends with them getting reported and blocked). You don't even have to be subtle—- you can say, "Sorry, I'm just not interested in you" or "NO" and still get bombarded with messages for months and months. Then you get called names. Then they try to come back around and beg some more. There are seriously dudes who have been messaging me several times a week for the better part of a year now— and I just don't get it.

As I've mentioned before, I chronicle all of this on my blog, Online Dating Is Literally the Worst. There recently was a dude who couldn't take no for an answer, so I had to actually get mean before I blocked him. Sorry, bro, but if you think being gay is a sin, you use "gay" as a slur, and you think contraception is morally wrong. . . I'm only going to tell you no so many times.

Now, I'll fully admit that I didn't give him a full and complete answer as to why I wasn't originally interested, but the reality is that 1: I was frustrated after a day of messages from creeps and 2: I DON'T OWE ANY DUDE ON OKC ANYTHING- not an explanation, not my time, not anything.

By the way: homie is also an active military member with photos on his profile of him at his stated home base, in uniform, with his name and rank CLEARLY identified.