Bad Kitty!

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According to the New York Daily News, President Teddy Roosevelt's novelist granddaughter, Theodora Keogh, died recently in North Carolina at the age of 88. Her obituary in a UK paper notes: "After [her second husband, a tugboat captain] left her, she lived at [New York's] Chelsea Hotel, where she kept a margay (a South American wild cat) for company. One night, after she had drunk too much and fallen asleep, it chewed off one of her ears." You gotta love the crazy cat ladies! [Gatecrasher]

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@midwesternmom: I guy I know that is a paramedic said that dogs will almost always stay by the owner after death and wait. It is not uncommon for the kittehs to get chewy on the master after he/she expires. "U iz deed. Itz not hurts."