The new season of Bad Girls Club premiered last night on Oxygen, which is made up of a wonderful cast of hateful, awful women. Produced by Bunim/Murray โ€” the people who brought us The Real World and The Simple Life โ€” Bad Girls Club takes seven girls with horrible attitudes and puts them in a house stocked with liquor, just 'cause. They're not expected to change their ways or become better people. They're just expected to fight and make good TV, and on their first night in the house, they didn't disappoint. On last night's episode we marveled at the worst of all of the bunch, Darlen (pronounced like Darlene), who picked apart the other girls' bodies, called them fat, stupid, and ugly to their faces and behind their backs. But she chose the wrong bitch to fuck with when she called Tanisha a "fat bitch." Clip above.